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OutdoorNativitySets.com was launched in late 2010. With the challenges of the economy, our parent company Teak Isle Manufacturing, a 30 year supplier to the marine industry, was faced with cutting its workforce during the holidays. The hard fact was that fewer people were buying boats and the holiday months were going to be extremely slow. Toward the end of last year we were brainstorming of ways to increase our business. As we were talking, one of our employees reminded us that we had built some nativity sets in the past and maybe we could do this again during the holiday season.

Years ago one of the owners of Teak Isle saw a silhouette nativity set at a Christmas tree stand that was made of plywood and painted white. He was taken by the simplicity of the part and loved the message that it conveyed. He bought the set and proudly displayed it in his yard. Later that year, he decided to work with his designers to build a set that was similar to the one he had purchased, but designed and cut from marine grade plastic to withstand the weather conditions for years to come. Teak Isle built some of these nativities for friends and family members and eventually supplied some to local Christmas tree stands. At the time, this was done more for the satisfaction of seeing the nativities around the neighborhood and the joy of being able to offer such a meaningful keepsake.

In October 2010, the decision was made to redesign our nativity sets so that they could be shipped UPS and broken down for easy storage for the rest of the year. We stayed true to the simple, white and non-commercial style and continued to make them from marine grade plastic. Our feeling was that if we offered a high quality AMERICAN MADE product at an affordable price that people would be happy to support us. We were excited by the fact that we were able to keep all of our employees working through the holidays and found peace in the thought of our nativities sitting in neighborhoods all around the country reminding people of the true reason for the season.

This year we are excited to introduce a new line of nativity figures to add to your set including angels, wise men, shepherds and a variety of animals. You can purchase a new figure each year or buy a whole set to complete your nativity scene. Also new this year is a larger, six foot tall version of the nativity for churches or homes with larger yards.

We are proud to report that, in this struggling economy, we were able to hire additional people to work on our nativities this year. Thank you for your business and we wish you all of the peace and joy that comes with the Christmas season.


God Bless,

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